Welcome to LIGN105

Law & Language focuses on language analysis as a tool for understanding the law. The course should be superb preparation for anyone contemplating law school. LIGN 105 may be used as one of the elective courses for the minor in law and society, as one of the 12 courses for the major in linguistics, and as a general elective by anyone curious about the intersection of law and language. There are no course prerequisites.

LIGN105 Syllabus

Winter Quarter 2017

I. Course Information

LIGN 105, Law & Language (4 units credit), Section I.D. 833389
Meetings: Tu & Th, 12:30-1:50 in HSS 1128A
Course web site: http://grammar.ucsd.edu/courses/lign105

Professor: Sanford Schane
Office Hours: Thursday 2:00-4:00, or by appointment in APM 3111
e-mail sschane@ucsd.edu

TA:Laura Kelly
Office Hours: Wednesday 11:00-1:00 in APM 3351A
e-mail l6kelly@ucsd.edu

II. Course Objectives and Principal Topics
* To learn how to analyze court cases from a linguistic perspective
* To recognize ambiguity and misunderstandings in contracts and court cases
* To apply speech act theory to areas of the law, e.g. hearsay, contract formation
* To consider the historical origins and some of the properties of legal language

III. Course Requirements and Grading
* Reading of all assigned readings and court cases for discussion in class (attendance will be noted)
* Written homework assignments (17% of grade) - must be turned in on date due
* In-class 1-1/2 hour written midterm examination (25% of grade)
* In-class 2-hour written final examination (33% of grade)
* An essay (3-double spaced pages) treating a new court case relating to one of the topics of the course (25% of grade)

IV. Course Reader
* Course reader: (to be purchased from University Readers at: https//students.universityreaders.com/store or call 1-800-200-3908, ext. 503.

All court cases and written homework assignments are available on line.

V. Due dates of Exams and Written Essay
* Midterm Exam: In class, Tuesday, February 14 (Week VI)
* Written Essay: Due Thursday, March 16 (Week X)
* Final Exam: In class, Tuesday, March 21, 11:30-1:30 (Week XI)