Table of Contents for Course Reader (LIGN105)

(Ling) = Linguistics background reading
(Leg) = Legal background reading

Ambiguity & Misunderstanding

(Leg) Arthur L.Corbin, "The Interpretation of Words and the Parole Evidence Rule"
(Ling): Otto Jespersen, "Proper Names"
(Ling): John R. Taylor, "Categorization"
(Leg): Lawrence Solan, "Linguistic Principles as the Rule of Law"

Metaphor & Legal Fiction

(Ling): George Lakoff & Mark Johnson, "Concepts we Live By" 1 & 2

Speech Act Theory: Hearsay

(Leg): Irving Younger, "The Rule Against Hearsay"
(Ling): James R. Hurford & Brendan Heasley, "Units 21 & 22

Speech Act Theory: Contract Law / Consideration

(Leg): Emanual: Contracts: Offer and Acceptance