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Current grants (2018)

Eric Baković, Anna Mai, Adam McCollum, and Eric Meinhardt received both a Social Sciences Divisional Research Grant and an Academic Senate grant for 2018-19, to support their ongoing research on phonological complexity and its relation to learnability.

Amanda Ritchart has NSF grant BCS-1627041 to Marc Garellek (as dissertation advisor), "Doctoral Dissertation Research: The production and perception of breathy voice during nasal sounds" for 2016-2017.

Marc Garellek received a UCSD Academic Senate grant for 2018. Funds will go towards further development of the San Diego Hmong Language Project.

Previous grants

Marc Garellek received a Hellman Fellowship for 2015-2016. Funds went towards creation of the ongoing San Diego Hmong Language Project.

Journal articles, book chapters, and other published work (since 2013)

Caballero, Gabriela & Matthew Gordon. (to appear). Prosody in North American Indian languages. In C. Gussenhoven & A. Chen (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Language Prosody.

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Garellek, Marc, & James White. 2015. Phonetics of Tongan stress. Journal of the International Phonetic Association, 45(1): 13–34.

Garellek, Marc, Andrés Aguilar, Lucien Carroll, & Gabriela Caballero. 2015. Lexical and post-lexical tone in Choguita Rarámuri. Proceedings of the 18th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences.

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Piccinini, Page & Marc Garellek. 2014. Prosodic cues to monolingual versus code-switching sentences in English and Spanish. Proceedings of Speech Prosody 7, 885–889.

Dissertations (since 2013)

Bethany Keffala (2016), Learning to Share: Interaction in Spanish-English bilinguals' acquisition of syllable structure and positional phonotactics (pdf)

Scott Seyfarth (2016), Contextual and morphological effects in speech production (pdf)

Page Piccinini (2016), Cross-language activation and the phonetics of code-switching (pdf)

Lucien Carroll (2015), Ixpantepec Nieves Mixtec Word Prosody (pdf)

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