Linguistics Field Research Lab

We are dedicated to research and teaching on the documentation and description of endangered and under documented languages. The Lab provides a working space for lab members, and houses equipment for research, including computers, monitors and recording equipment. Field Methods classes and meetings with language consultants are held in the lab.

Featured Research

The Uto-Aztecan language Choguita Rarámuri is spoken in Northern Mexico. Gabriela Caballero has received a Documenting Endangered Languages grant from the National Science Foundation to work with community members in language documentation, develop theoretically-informed publications and produce a reference grammar. This research builds on her previous grant from the Endangered Language Documentation Programme. She has been working in the area for a decade, and has published a number of papers on the language and compiled a corpus of video and audio material. The team includes graduate students Lucien Carroll and Andres Aguilar, and new collaborator Marc Garellek.